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Volunteer Commitment

The Woodland Swim Club relies heavily on volunteer aid to help keep our pool clean and our systems running smoothly.  Per the bylaws members are required to either volunteer or pay a non-volunteer fee:

A Member will donate a minimum of six (6) hours of time during the fiscal year for maintenance and upgrade. Non-donation of the time will result in a charge to the Member, not to exceed $75.00, that will automatically be collected with the annual dues and refunded at the end of the pool season if the Member actually does work the scheduled time.

Volunteer commitments met after pool closing may be credited towards the following season.

Volunteer opportunities at the pool span almost the entire year and range from manual activities to sedentary ones.  Volunteers are most needed to open the pool prior to Memorial Day, support the swim team at meets, close the pool after Labor Day, and facility maintenance.

Below is the list of general volunteer opportunities.  Please contact us at should there be any questions or to confirm your family’s volunteer commitment has been met.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Yard Maintenance – mowing, leaf removal, weeding, and storm damage clean up.  Especially spring through fall.

  • Pre and Post Season Building Maintenance – painting, general repairs and other facility improvements.

  • Pool Opening Preparation – included but not limited to power washing deck, cleaning deck furniture, cleaning bathrooms, and overall getting pool ready to be enjoyed by our membership and their guests!

  • Pool Closing – included but not limited to recovering the pool, storing the deck furniture, and weatherproofing the pool for the winter.

If you have another skill you’d like to share, please contact us.

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