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Woodland Swim Club Guest Passes

The Woodland Swim Club is a members only organization. However, we do accept guests of our membership to our pool. Guest passes can be purchased at the entrance of the pool or in the member portal. Guest charges are $5 per person per day, regardless of age or whether the guest is going in the pool or not.

Guest Passes must be purchased by current Woodland Swim Club members. Non-members are not entitled to purchase Guest Passes.

A guest is limited to 4 visits per month. MEMBERS MUST BE PRESENT WITH GUESTS AT ALL TIMES AND MUST ENSURE THEIR GUESTS ARE FOLLOWING ALL POOL RULES.  Guests will not permitted to access the pool without the Member in attendance.  Guests arriving before the sponsoring Member must remain in the parking lot until the Member arrives, and they must enter with each other. 

No guests are permitted on the holidays of Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day, or during special events as announced.

EFFECTIVE 7/15/2021
To avoid overwhelming the facility, a strict limit of 5 guests per membership account per day will be enforced.  If you would like to bring more than 5 guests per family in one day, you must send an email request for approval to a minimum of 24 hours before you plan to visit.  Please include the number of guests you plan to bring and your estimated arrival time.  We will respond as soon as we can after receiving your message.  The earlier you can send us your request, the better.

You are not permitted to have one family member check in with 5 guests, another family member check in later in the day with 5 guests, etc.  The limit of 5 guests is per membership, per day.


This is being done so that we can be sure we are staffed appropriately, and are not overcrowding the facility at busy times, causing an unenjoyable experience for our members. Sending the email request doesn't automatically guarantee approval.  If you request to bring a large number of guests during prime busy time on a hot weekend, it's possible we will not be able to permit it.

Verbal requests to staff and “on-the-spot” approvals if you arrive with more than 5 guests will not be given.  You must send an email to us 24 hours in advance. 


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