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Woodland Swim Club Board of Directors

The Woodland Swim Club Board of Directors is made up entirely of volunteers. These people give their time and energy so that our club can operate safely and at the highest level possible. Please provide any level of support that you can in helping these members perform their duties.  Even little things such as simply following the pool rules and making your dues payments promptly are helpful and greatly appreciated.

To contact any board or staff member please email

  • open – President

  • open – Vice President

  • Sara Braun – Secretary, Social Committee chair

  • Andrea Kusick – Treasurer

  • Peter Floyd - Facilities

  • Stephanie/Dave Suhayda* - Membership, Swim Team Coordinators

  • Jen Andrews

  • Bobby Cupelli

  • Mark/Mae Rothbauer* - Volunteer Coordinator

  • Mike Stancil


The Woodland Swim Club Board’s purpose is to provide a safe & healthy environment at Woodland Swim Club for the ongoing enjoyment of its members. The Board’s responsibilities include long-term capital budgeting, installing pool management & assisting management in securing labor, responding to regulatory changes, administering membership & inviting new members per Club parameters, and providing necessary communication to membership. Each year, the Board will establish an annual budget consistent with the long-term operation of the Club in the context of the evolving financial, regulatory, and operational framework required to meet the needs of the Club. On an ongoing basis, the Board will objectively pursue projects to effectively remediate any problem areas for the general membership & any financially responsible improvements that increase members’ utility of the pool & property.

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