Updates and News



Pool hours for the remainder of the season:
Mon 8/23   12-8pm

Tue 8/24      2-8pm

Wed  8/25   4-8pm

Thu 8/26     4-8pm

Fri 8/27        4-9pm

Sat 8/28      12-9pm

Sun 8/29     12-8pm

Mon 8/30    4-8pm

Tue 8/31      4-8pm

Wed 9/1       4-8pm

Thu 9/2        4-8pm

Fri 9/3          4-9pm

Sat 9/4       12-9pm

Sun 9/5      12-8pm

Mon 9/6     12-8pm


Would your kids like to have their birthday party at WSC? Of course they would! This season we are bringing back private rentals when the pool is normally closed. If you’re interested, send a message to wscinfo@woodlandswimclub.com to start the process and get your date locked in.

We’re also still in need of volunteers to help with the many tasks needed to open the pool. If you’re able to give us a few hours sometime before the 28th, please sign up.  If none of the listed times work for you but you want to help, just send us a message. Thanks!  


Here is a link to our first communication for 2021 that was emailed to all members today.


Hello, Woodland!  We have some big news for everyone that is currently on our membership wait list or would like to sign up. 

Gone are the days or needing to send an email to our Membership Director to get added to the list or to find out how far down you’ve moved on it.  Our wait list is now fully managed online. When you visit our wait list page and click the Join Wait List button, all you have to do is enter your info and it will add you to the list so we can notify you when a membership slot has become available for you.  Potential members are contacted in the order that their request was received.

Everyone who was already on the list before today has been migrated to the new system in the same position they were in before.  Want to see where you’re at?  Click on the same Join Wait List button at the link above or under the Members dropdown at the top of our site, then click on the “Check your place” link on the right.  Type in the email address that you used to sign up, and you’ll be able to instantly see what place you’re in.  This number will update in real time as you move up the list.


Hello, Woodland!  We can’t wait to see everyone at the pool again this summer!

Opening day for 2021 will be Friday, May 28.  Members will soon be receiving an email from us with important updates and instructions for renewing your membership.  If you were a member in 2020 and do not plan on renewing your membership this year, please send an email to WSCMembership@Woodlandswimclub.com to let us know your plans so we can open up your spot to someone that is waiting.  Our wait list is still several years long.  If you are currently on the wait list, stay tuned for a big announcement on how you’ll be able to check your position on the list anytime you like.