Woodland Swim Club Member Dues

The Woodland Swim Club requires payment for membership prior to the pool opening. The pool, while only open through the summer, manages payments and upkeep on the property year round.

“Family” designations do not allow for or include baby sitters. Baby sitters can be added to a Family membership for a fee of $35. Babysitters must accompany children at all times. Family costs do not include initiation fees for first-year members.

To pay your 2018 Woodland Swim Club Membership Dues, link to your Your Account.

The Initiation Rate for New Members is $275

Woodland Family Membership Pricing
Senior Single
Senior + 2
One Member
Two Members
Three Members
Four Members
Five Members
Six Members
Seven Members
Eight Members
$35 Baby Sitter Fee (must be registered)

Make sure to list all family members covered by the membership in the “Add special instructions to the seller” field when paying the invoice.

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If you’d prefer to pay your annual dues using a traditional paper invoice, you can download it here