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June 1, 2020

Woodland Swim Club Covid-19 Compliance Plan

Woodland Swim Club Members,

We are excited to be opening this coming Friday, June 5th!  In addition to our regular hours we will be offering lap lane swimming prior to opening on a reservation first come, first serve basis.  Please look for a separate e-mail with reservation link.  The link will also be accessible at http://www.woodlandswimclub.com

As to be expected this summer will be different from usual due to Covid-19.  Prior to coming to the pool please read the below Covid-19 Compliance Plan in it’s entirety.  We anticipate changes to this as the situation evolves and will update members with those changes.  Every family is expected to adhere to the compliance plan when visiting the pool.

Woodland Swim Club Board of Directors

Woodland Swim Club Covid-19 Compliance Plan

As a private membership pool we ask everyone to be respectful of our grounds, our staff and each other as we navigate this unprecedented situation.

This plan covers new expected behaviors for members.  It will be evaluated throughout the season.  The objective is to balance our ability to get outdoors and enjoy our club as much as possible with the health and safety of our members and guards.  Based on observations of other organizations that have opened prior to WSC, we are electing not to utilize a scheduling tool and allocating time slots during the week.  On the weekends we will limit families with last names starting with A-K to even numbered weekend days (June 6, 14, 20, 28 etc.) and families with last names starting with L-Z to odd numbered weekend days (June 7, 13, 21, 27 etc.).  We are also asking families to self-regulate and limit their total stay per day at the pool to 2 hours when the club and pool are nearing capacity.  In order for this to be successful members need to be respectful of each other in their usage of the club and the pool.  Should members not be able to self-regulate a scheduling tool with limited allowed time slots per week will be put in place.

CDC states:  There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the water. Proper operation, maintenance, and disinfection (with chlorine or bromine) of pools should kill COVID-19.  CDC recommends that people get outside for recreation but stay close to home. We are offering this choice to our members and putting into place CDC recommendations.

“We are all in this together” and recognize that this summer will bring challenges none of us have dealt with before. Everyone’s health and safety is a priority. WSC is a place of relaxation and enjoyment. Please help let that tradition continue by following the standard and COVID-19 safety rules defined by WSC policy. Should you feel the need to raise a question, voice a complaint, or concern please address the specific issue with the WSC board.

Please note the following changes due to Covid-19 until future notice:  

  • Maximum capacity numbers established to follow social distancing recommended by the CDC
    • Facility – 100 members
    • Pool – 25 members
  • No guests – no exceptions.  This includes bringing a non-household member in place of a non-attending household member.
  • No concessions – Feel free to bring your own snacks/drinks-NO GLASS is permitted on pool grounds.
  • Baby Pool will be closed.
  • No volleyball as no way to have it while social distancing.
  • No moving tables – chairs can be moved.
  • Grills will remain however members need to supply their own grilling utensils.
  • Common refrigerator and microwave will be unavailable for use.
  • No shared floatation devises.
  • No swim team this year. BVSC will meet July 1st to discuss possibility of a fun meet.
  • CDC guidelines recommend that you wear a mask when social distancing isn’t possible.  CDC guidelines also recommend that those wearing face coverings not wear them in the water because cloth face coverings can be difficult to breathe through when they’re wet.
  • Increased cleaning and sanitizing by guards with families being responsible for wiping their own tables and chairs.  CDC states that the virus is not easily transmitted by touching hard surfaces.

Woodland Swim Club Member Responsibilities to allow WSC to remain open during Covid-19 – you have the obligation to follow these guidelines:

  • Please stay home if you are feeling ill, are in a high risk category, have a cough or a fever.
  • Check in and check out are mandatory when entering and leaving pool.
  • Please select a table based on your family size leaving the rectangular tables for families of 4 or more.  Chairs can be moved – tables cannot.
  • Limit total stay per day at the club to 2 hours when the club is near capacity – target 100 individuals within the gates.  By not using a scheduling software, members are able to come and go and coordinate visits with friends in a more natural way.  Please self-regulate your visits to enable all members access to enjoy the club.
  • Weekends only – if your last name begins with A-K please only come to the pool on even number days (ex. June 6, 14, 20, 28 etc.).  Last names L-Z on odd numbered days (ex. June 7, 13, 21, 27 etc.).
  • Be courteous to other members with respect to time spent in the pool.  The target limit in the pool is 25 individuals.  Should your family members have already enjoyed the pool when it is nearing capacity, please consider pulling them from the pool and directing them to another activity.
  • Members are responsible for cleaning their own chairs and tables.  Due to shortages of cleaning supplies members should plan on bringing their own for their personal use area.
  • Each family needs to manage their own social distancing.
  • Be respectful of other members varying comfort levels of social distancing – when in doubt please behave more conservatively.
  • Direct compliments or complaints to the pool manager or the board of directors via e-mail at WoodlandSwimClubSewickley@gmail.com
  • Respect our guards – they are Woodland Swim Club’s front-line workers.

May 22, 2020

Woodland Pool New Info


Late this afternoon the Pennsylvania Department of Health(DoH) announced that outdoor pools may open in the Yellow Phase following CDC guidelines.   Our permit to operate is governed by both the PA DoH and the Allegheny County DoH.  The Board has been in ongoing communication with the Allegheny DoH for the past few weeks.  We spoke with them again this afternoon following the State’s new guidance.  The guidance was unexpected, and the Allegheny County DoH expects to have guidelines out sometime next week.

Given current information we are targeting opening June 5th.  Once we receive guidelines from the Allegheny County DoH, Woodland Swim Club will finalize our Cover-19 Compliance Plan and will communicate this to members.  As with everything else in our lives right now, it will not be 100% business as usual and members and staff will have new rules to follow.

In order to open we also need volunteer help – Please contact us @ WoodlandSwimClubSewickley@gmail.com to coordinate volunteering.

Keep Calm and Woodland On,
WSC Board of Directors

May 18, 2020

Woodland Swim Club Covid-19 Update


The purpose of this is to provide member families and wait list families an update on Woodland Swim Club (WSC) for the 2020 season.

While we are still waiting on more detailed guidelines from the county, indications are we may open once Allegheny County is in the Green Phase.  Once guidelines are out we will communicate in e-mail and post on the website. There will be details on how the guidelines will be followed both by the club and what will be expected of members.

Some questions have arisen regarding how do other pool’s announced season closing affect WSC which we also want to address.  There are many challenges facing other pools which WSC is not facing.  These include government provided funding reductions, non budgeted repairs, lack of staffing, and open access resulting in unknown variability in patrons.  Even in the most normal and best of times, both public and private pools close primarily due to financial reasons.  WSC is in a solid financial state and will continue to be managed in this way.

Depending on how delayed opening is and our ability to remain open later than Labor Day, WSC will refund variable costs saved should we have a shorter season.  These amounts will be determined at the end of the season.

Should we not be able to open at all this season paid members will be refunded dues minus $150 per family to cover our yearly fixed costs.  Non payment of dues will be considered a resignation of membership.

For families on the wait list – in anticipation of social distancing guidelines WSC has reduced membership this year resulting in fewer new families being invited to join.  Same as for existing members, should you be invited to join and WSC be unable to open, you will be refunded dues minus initiation fee and the $150.  A reduced season will also result in a refund of prorated variable costs.  Should restrictions lessen as the season progresses more invitations to new families will be sent out.  If you get an invitation, please act in a timely manner should you wish to join, decide to no longer join, or wish to defer to 2021.  Depending on deferment numbers an invitation for 2021 is not a guarantee for families who defer for 2020.  The current wait list is over 100 families.

May 6, 2020

Woodland Pool Update

Happy May!

Membership reminder – if we do not hear from your family by this Friday, May 8th, we will assume you are not renewing and offer your spot to a wait list family.

Covid-19 Update – we are awaiting guidelines from the state.  Once we have those a compliance plan will be put in place.

Volunteers needed – In order to open, when we are allowed, we will need volunteers to help get the pool ready.  Given social distancing we will not have volunteer days and instead ask you to contact the board at woodlandswimclubsewickley@gmail.comas to what from the below list you can do and when so we can provide access.

Volunteer Opportunities at WSC:

  • ·Clean gutters poolside – can be done now
  • ·Clean gutters on front of building – can be done now
  • ·Power wash concrete deck and other areas that need it including grills and potentially (carefully) part of the roof – this is something multiple members can do at different times – can be done now
  • ·Spread topsoil around New Sport Court and Bocci Court
  • ·Stain 2×4 in shelter – can be done anytime
  • ·Organize/clean Guard room – can be done anytime
  • ·Organize/clean Pump room – can be done anytime
  • ·Sand and varnish entrance doors – can be done now
  • ·Deck furniture out and cleaned – can be done one to two weeks prior to opening
  • ·Organize/clean Concessions room – needs to be done after deck furniture is out so one to two weeks prior to opening
  • ·Add ethernet cable from Equipment room to Concession room – needs to be done after deck furniture is out so one to two weeks prior to opening.

Keep Calm and Woodland On.

WSC Board of Directors

April 6, 2020

Woodland Swim Club Update

Like everyone else we are keeping an eye on the Covid-19 developments.  We are hopeful that in 7’ish weeks we will be able to open WSC for its 100th Season!
This is both a reminder that annual dues are due by April 22 – payable from the member portal on the web site – and news about volunteer opportunities.
In regards to the dues, we are offering members the option to go on hold for the season in which case your spot will be offered to a family on the wait list and “on hold families” will go to the top of the list for summer 2021.  If you are planning on joining however need to hold off paying your dues until after April 22 please contact the board directly.  If we do not hear anything from you – we will assume you are resigning your membership.
If there is a silver lining to this it is that many people are finding time on their hands for projects!  Below are a list of items which members can do to fulfill the volunteer aspect of being a member at WSC.  If you are interested in any of the below please contact the board (at the the below e-mail) and we will provide you access to the pool.  In light of “social distancing” we are not doing set volunteer days but instead providing members access on the time frame that works for them.  In addition to the below, we will be sending out another volunteer request for a very exciting project which will increase members’ enjoyment of the club!
Volunteer Opportunities at WSC:
  • Clean gutters poolside – can be done anytime
  • Clean gutters on front of building – can be done anytime
  • Trim grass/weeds behind deck fence (weedwackeer?) – can be done anytime
  • Stain 2×4 in shelter – can be done anytime
  • Organize/clean Guard room – can be done anytime
  • Organize/clean Pump room – can be done anytime
  • Sand and varnish entrance doors – can be done anytime
  • Power wash concrete deck and other areas that need it including grills and potentially (carefully) part of the roof – this is something multiple members can do at different times – target beginning of May
  • Organize/clean Concessions room – needs to be done after deck furniture is out so one to two weeks prior to opening
  • Add ethernet cable from Equipment room to Concession room – needs to be done after deck furniture is out so one to two weeks prior to opening
If there is a project not on this list which you think would increase the utility of the pool and you are interested in taking it on – please contact the board about it.
Keep Calm and Woodland On!
WSC Board of Directors

March 30, 2020

Woodland Swim Club 2020 Season and Membership Fees Due April 22, 2020

Dear WSC Members,

We hope this finds you and your loved ones happy and healthy.  Amidst these interesting times it may alleviate spirits to focus on some happier times – summers at the pool for one!  The 2020 season marks Woodland Swim Clubs 100thyear!  Fingers crossed that life will have normalized by then and we can celebrate this exciting and amazing milestone in appropriate ways.

This message has 4 point to cover:

  • WSC 2020 Season in relation to Covid-19
  • 2020 Membership Dues
  • WSC Rules and Guest Policies
  • Volunteer Opportunities

In regard to how Covid-19 will affect our season.  Our plan as of now is to ride this out.  We are in the hiring process for guards (if you know someone interested please have them email WoodlandSwimClubSewickley@gmail.com) and are moving forward on other fronts expecting to open for Memorial Day Weekend on May 22.  With this said any decision to delay opening or not to open will be dictated by the county, state and/or federal government.

2020 Membership Fees will be due by April 22 (this is 3 weeks later than last year).  Dues are payable from the Member Portal with Account Login link on the web site home page – http://www.woodlandswimclub.com  If we have not received your dues by April 22 we will assume you are resigning your membership and offer your spot to a family on the wait list.  The exception to this is if you wish to put your membership on hold for the 2020 season we will pause your membership and put you on the wait list to be contacted for the 2021 season as spots open up.  Members who take this option will be placed at the top of the wait list is the order that they request to go on hold.  There are no guarantees that families who elect to go on hold for 2020 will get back in for 2021.  Should the government restrictions prevent the pool from opening, any membership fees paid will be refunded.  WSC is in a solid financial position and the Board will be adjusting the budget as appropriate should COVID-19 restrictions require modifications to the 2020 season.  We are accepting membership payments assuming a full season.  Should COVID-19 restrictions modify the season or prevent the opening of the pool this summer, membership fees will be refunded as appropriate within a few weeks of any guidance related to COVID-19.

We encourage all members to review the Rules and Regulations which includes Guest Policies– http://www.woodlandswimclub.com/index.php/rules-regs/  The purpose of these are to create a safe and enjoyable experience for all members.  Should there be a need to update these with anything specific to Covid 19 we will do so and notify members.

Volunteer Opportunities.  If there is a project you have an interest in doing to increase membership enjoyment at the pool – please reach out to run it by the board.  Last year this is how the new steps were added in and the men’s bathroom floor was painted.  A beloved member and accomplished gardener has already been active this spring at the pool making it beautiful!  We also will need some general volunteer help in opening the pool and will communicate workdays to accomplish those items.

All the best,

WSC Board of Directors