Woodland Swim Club Rules & Regulations

The Woodland Swim Club has clear rules regarding behavior, items brought into the pool area, opening and closing times as well as many other regulations that ensure we have a safe and fun environment. Note that the rules below apply to all active members and guests.  Members are responsible for making sure their guests know the rules.


Date: July 7, 2019


  • No glass containers of any kind in pool area
  • No smoking, including “e” cigarettes.
  • No children under the age of 12 will be permitted entry without a parent or guardian
  • No one over the age of 6 is allowed in baby pool
  • No child in the baby pool without parent or guardian– unattended children will be taken to their parents.
  • No diaper, No swimming – children who wear diapers must wear swim diapers in the pool at all times
  • No changing diapers on pool deck or on tables; please use the rest room for diaper changing
  • No running on pool deck
  • No loud screaming or inappropriate language used by anyone will be tolerated
  • No horseplay (pushing, shoving, dunking, pulling, chicken fights, tag games etc.)
  • No touching or tampering with either of the pool drains at the bottom of the pool.  First infraction of this rule will result in removal from the pool for 20 minutes; subsequent infractions will result in removal from the pool for an entire 24-hour period.
  • No tossing anyone up into the air in the pool
  • No diving into water under 6’ in depth
  • No jumping or diving off the side of the pool backwards
  • No inward or reverse dives allowed
  • No flotation devices allowed in the deep end of the pool, except during adult swim
  • No jumping onto any flotation device into the pool
  • No hanging on lane ropes
  • No hanging on the lifeguard chairs
  • No splashing the lifeguards
  • No water type pistols of any size or type are permitted on club property or in the pool
  • Any child in a flotation suit or lifejacket and any child who cannot swim must be accompanied by an adult in the pool, at all times
  • Please do not enter the pool office
  • Children may be asked at any time to demonstrate their swimming ability and asked to swim the length of the pool
  • No firearms of any size or any types of weapons are permitted on Club property

If a member has a question, concern or issue regarding a pool employee or any aspect of the pool or club, please direct it to WoodlandSwimClubSewickley@gmail.com.

All lifeguards are trained and certified. They will use their discretion as appropriate.

All employees reserve the right to eject swimmers from the pool area if any of the above rules are broken.


All Members and GUESTS must sign in upon arrival. All sign ins must be by first and last name. Positive ID may be required (i.e. Drivers License, Student ID)


  • Guests must be accompanied by a Club Member.
  • Members are responsible for the Guest’s fees. All Guests must sign in and have a pass; including children and those not swimming.
  • Fee – Adult/Children (all ages) $5
  • Guests are limited to 4 visits per month
  • Please notify the Pool Manager in advance when you plan to have more than 4 guests at one time
  • No guests are permitted on the holidays of Memorial Day, July 4thand Labor Day.


  • Children ages 12 and under are the responsibility of an accompanying adult.
  • Children are not to in any way touch or tamper with the pool drains located at the bottom of the pool in the deep end.
  • Those accompanying children in the big pool who are non-swimmers must be dressed in swimming attire. Children who are on-swimmers must be accompanied in the pool by an adult.
  • Children of any age can be sent home by a lifeguard, club employee or any board member for misbehavior.
  • Guests who are children under the age of 18 must adhere to all safety, behavior and conduct rules at the pool; they can be asked to leave for any infraction
  • To demonstrate swimming ability, children can be asked at any time by the lifeguards to swim the length of the pool if they are 12 years of age and under.
  • No water type pistols of any size and or kind are permitted on Club property.
  • Please observe diving restrictions (no diving into water under 6’ in depth, no flips, forward dives only)
  • The baby pool is for the use of children ages 6 and under. Adults or babysitters accompanying children using only the baby pool are not required to be dressed in swimming attire. Parents are responsible for their children in the baby pool.
  • Children who normally wear diapers must wear disposable swimming diapers while in either pool.
  • Life jackets are permitted to be used by small children. Any child in a life jacket or flotation suit must be accompanied by an adult in the water.
  • No “floaties” or life jackets are permitted in the deep end of the pool; regardless if you child has passed their deep water test.
  • Children are not permitted to gather or sit on the steps of the pool.


  • Please chaperone children in the basketball/play court area at all times.This area is not monitored by lifeguards and it is the parents’ responsibility to ensure safe play and appropriate behavior in this area, for the enjoyment and safety of children of all ages.
  • Children are not to hang off of or pull down on the basketball hoop at any time.
  • It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure their children being watched and managed at all times, in the pool, on the deck and in the play area/ ball court.
  • Please note: The lifeguards are not babysitters; they are there to ensure everyone’s safety in and around the pool.


  • Weekends: A 20 minute adult swim will be held hourly
  • Weekdays: A 20 minute adult swim will be held every other hour
  • Members 16 years old and older may participate in adult swims


It is the personal responsibility of each guest and his/her family and guests to dispose of all trash in receptacles.

No Glass Containers of any kind are permitted, this includes ALL BEVERAGES.

Food Deliveries Are Permitted.


The Men and Women’s rest rooms contain changing stalls, showers and bathroom facilities. There are no age limits set for children of the opposite sex accompanying a parent to a rest room. Members should use their own discretion.

Children under the age of 6 must be accompanied to the restrooms by an adult.


Anyone will any specific health problems such as epilepsy, fainting, heart conditions, etc. which may require extraordinary attention is required to notify the Club in writing.


  • Three (3) short blasts from a lifeguard whistle means an emergency exists! Everyone must clear the pool as quickly as possible. PLEASE COOPERATE, IT MAY SAVE A LIFE!
  • The entire pool area must remain closed when there is no lifeguard on duty.


  • When lightning is sighted or thunder is heard, the pool, pool deck and grass areas will be cleared immediately for a period of 30 minutes, commencing with the last indication of thunder or lightning.


  • Members may schedule parties by reservation with the Pool Manager or a Board member.
  • Please provide 2 weeks’ advance notice for any party scheduling requests.
  • Maximum party guests not to exceed 30 people
  • Guest passes must be purchased for all non-member party guests and all pool rules apply to party guests.


Conditions under which the pool may be closed:

  • Extended heavy rain and/or thunder storms.
  • Combination of cold temperature and lack of attendance – This will be determined by pool manager discretion.
  • An unmanageable level of biological hazard introduced to the pool.
  • Members will receive an email notification when the pool is closed during normally scheduled hours.


  • Woodland Road Extension is a private road maintained by the residents, including Woodland Swim Club.  Please respect our neighbors, help preserve the longevity of the road, and maintain safety by driving slowing and by allowing cars from the opposite direction to pass
  • Please limit parking to the club lots and please allow space for other cars to park when possible



  • Woodland members have a right to enjoy a clean, safe swim club. Both Members and Employees have a role to play in maintaining a pleasant environment.
  • Members should supervise their own children at all times, clean up after themselves and their children, and be respectful of others’ enjoyment of the facilities.
  • Employees should be alert and professional, courteous, and give their full attention to preventing accidents and providing a clean, safe environment.
  • If there is a problem, Members should feel free to take the following steps:
  1. Speak directly to the Member or Employee involved. We all share the swim club and have both the right and the responsibility to speak up when necessary. This is the quickest and most efficient way to resolve problems.
  2. Speak to the pool manager who will be at the pool during posted hours as well as at other times, and will respond to any messages.
    If the problem is not satisfactorily resolved, speak to a Board Member.